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Trust is blind but not you.

“Is not Allah sufficient for His servant?”

By Sana Ibrahim

The word trust has a mammoth significance and boundless linking with human and nature. Trust is a blind belief which is the eventual result of bonding. Trust in its entirety was the example of the Prophet (saw)’s life, beginning with the perturbed situation seeing the heavenly host until the victory of Tabuk, his whole life was a sublime example of the precept. Complete faith and trust in Allah is solely the triumph of a true believer.

Influence of Trust

This blind faith is the core quality which has to be instilled in a believer in all circumstances. As described in Ibn Rajab’s Explanation To The Last Seven Ahaadeeth of Jaami’ Uloom Wal-Hikam, one of the salaf said: “Strive as the striving of one who can only save himself by his efforts and rely on Allah as one who will never find anything but that which was written for him” (http://islamthought.wordpress.com/2008/12/24/ibn-rajab-al-hanbalis-explanation-of-seven-important-ahadeeth/).  The idea of relying on Allah is been signified in our 5 times call to prayer when the mu’adhin mentions the commands to come to prayer, we respond with “Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billahi”– “No power nor might except from Allah”.  By this we accept and declare  that whatever Allah wills is and whatever He does not will is not.

Trust with the Almighty:

As Ibn Ata’illah stated: “Relieve yourself of worry after you have planned; do not concern yourself with what Allah has undertaken on your behalf.” Trust can only give us  peace of mind and tranquility of heart knowing that Allah is always doing the best for us. This tranquility is developed when we face situations of discomfort and uncertainty. Trust which does not have form but its influence grows with certainty, the more we persevere to love and obey Him the stronger the bond grows. Once certainty is firmly rooted in the heart, it bears the fruit of true and sincere reliance on Allah (swt). We tend to forget that this trust is the strongest of bonds which we could uphold and which in turn will protect other worldly bonds. The absolute reliance and submission is the complete dependence on whoever is entrusted to be in charge, and to be contented with the consequences no matter how undesirable; hence the one who is truly and rightfully the Disposer of all Affairs is Allah (swt).

Sufficient for us is Allah.  And whoever puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is Allah for him.” (Quran- Surah Talaq: 3)

Allah (swt) declares himself as Al Wakeel- the Ultimate Trustee, the Disposer of Affairs. Al-Wakeel is the Sustainer; the One Who has taken upon Himself to provide sustenance for His servants. He, and only He, takes charge of all the affairs of those who are in His custody, under His care.

Allah (swt) is the Ultimate Trustee because He provides a means to solve all problems in the best way. Allah’s Apostle used to teach his companions to perform the prayer of Istikhara for each and every matter just as he used to teach them the surahs from the Quran.

“If Allah helps you, no one can overcome you; and if He did not help you, who is there after Him who can help you? And in Allah (Alone) let believers put their trust”. (Quran -Surah Mujadila :10)

The Sahabahs set out with the Prophet (saw) on a journey, and whenever they ascended a high place, they used to exclaim, “Allahu Akbar!” The Prophet said, “Don’t trouble yourself too much! You are not calling a deaf or an absent person, but you are calling One Who Hears, Sees, and is very near.”

Trust under all circumstances:

We are produced with proof (Quran) which comprises Allah (swt)’s commands to lead life and believe in Him… then why do we need a form to trust Him, when His influence is such a strong staunching living truth on the face of the Earth? Our duty is to ponder the Quran and trust word by word and believe, rely on Allah (swt) as the birds do. Trust under all circumstances. A believer must look to Him alone for help and guidance, and trust Him. Being pleased with something means that one’s heart is content with the decree of Allah.

The Mightiest Trust between Allah & His Prophets:

The trust that the prophets showed in Allah are the mightiest example for the Islamic world today.  They are like the standing blocks, and the intense belief and solid tolerance, patience along with the duas recited are just exemplary as they set their own standard.

  •    Prophet Nuh and the building of the Ark: Rescued from the Flood
  •    Prophet Ismail and his mother: The story of great Zam-Zam
  •    Prophet Musa and Fir’awn: The parting of the sea
  •    Prophet Ibrahim & his son Ismail: The Kaaba, the Jamaarat , the Zam –Zam , Safa and Marwa –The Ones  tested and in return  resulted in : The greatest of Islamic ritual till the day of Qiyamah.
  •    Prophet Yaqub : Blessed with a pious son when bounded by people of idol worship.

.             Maryam (a.s) – The miraculous birth of Jesus, also protection of her honor by the will of Allah by Jesus as an infant.

  •    Prophet Yusuf: Risen from servant and prisoner to a very powerful position in the land of Egypt.
  •    Prophet Yunus: From the darkness of the whale’s stomach from the depths of the ocean, to an island at the farthest side of the ocean.
  •    Asiya the wife of Firaun: Placing a house in Jannah

Patience & Trust

These are the examples set for us for our reminder, when we look into the history of Islam it is evident that the successful indeed are the ones who had patience and trusted Allah (swt). They are the ones who gained the highest of position in Jannah and the ones who fulfilled their worth of being created, because Allah (swt) says I have created you for a purpose.

Trust in Allah (swt) & give your best & He will do the rest!!!.

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