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The Muslimah Network’s relaunch event

The Muslimah Network’s relaunch event

When we relaunched our website last month, our aim was to make The Muslimah Network a platform for women to speak out and find within this sisterhood a means of solace and a medium to grow.

Our relaunch event, organised on April 11, 2015 was a testament to just that vision. The small gathering, put together to mark our humble beginning, was received with a lot of warmth and enthusiasm from the Muslim women’s community.

The Muslimah Network’s founder, Sister Aysha Abrar, started the event with an introduction to the websites past, and our future goals and vision.

The website’s acting editor, Sister Huda Tabrez, then spoke about the process our writing team goes through to develop and publish articles that address issues pertinent to the everyday lives of Muslimahs.

To help women appreciate the beauty Islam offers to our everyday lives, our keynote speaker, Sister Durreshehwar Mirza, spoke in detail about how Islam empowers women.

Through her personal experiences and in-depth studies, Sister Durreshehwar highlighted the strength of character that is expected and encouraged in women by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى through His perfect deen.

Along with Sister Durreshehwar Mirza, a number of other sisters also shared their success stories with the aim of kindling the passions of all who attended.

We pray that this humble beginning is accepted by our Loving and Gracious Creator and that He puts barakah in all that which was done with the sole purpose of pleasing Him. Allahuma Ameen!

We hope you stay with us through this journey that we have embarked upon and help us create a platform that helps Muslim women across the world realise their true potential. We are very excited about this new journey. We hope you are, too!

About The Muslimah Network

The Muslimah Network is a platform for Muslim women to come together and find spiritual, intellectual and emotional fulfillment.

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