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Two heartbeats

How a miscarriage brought me closer to Allah, my spouse and my baby By Umm Mus’ab Bangalore, India I hurried to open the file, my heart beating so fast, I was breathless until I spotted ‘positive’ on the reports sheet and jumped in joy. I was actually going to be a mother! Allah was going to entrust me with a new life. ... Read More »

What do you do when someone hurts you? Avoid these traps.

Be your own light – educate your emotions! – Part II By Zawjah Ali Karachi, Pakistan “Can’t you even let me know that your son dropped something under the table?” “I don’t understand … what kind of people are they?” “Your mother doesn’t know how to love a child and pamper him” The last dialogue was towards my son whereas ... Read More »

Be your own light – educate your emotions!

Emotions can be a double-edged sword. Instead of getting overwhelmed by them, learn to use them intelligently. By Zawjah Ali Karachi, Pakistan “I will forgive him, even though he cheated on me” “I will hurt his soul, ego and pride by constantly doing good to him.” “I will make him pay for this by wrecking his very being.” Any of ... Read More »