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Sea-Costus (Indian Costus)

Sea-Costus (Indian Costus)

The doctors divide pleurisy into two types, real and unreal. The first type is an infected growth that appears in the pleura that coats the ribs. The second type causes a similar pain and attacks the pleura as a result of thick, congested flatulence between the peritoneum’s (smooth transparent membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and part of the pelvic region). The pain caused by unreal pleurisy is acute while the real pleurisy causes stinging pain.

Sea-costus is used to treat the unreal pleurisy. When the Indian costus is ground to fine powder, blended with hot oil and then used as an ointment in the affected area, or when the ailing person licks it . In this case, the costus decomposes the septic substances, strengthens the internal organs and opens the obstructions or clogs. Al-Mashi’hi said, “Costus is hot and dry and constipates, strengthens the internal organs, dissipates the wind, opens the clogs, helps against pleurisy and dries out excess moisture. In addition, costus is good for the brain and might help against real pleurisy, it s phlegm substance had caused it, especially when the illness is weakening. Allah knows best.

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