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AYSHA ABRAR (Founder)     She is BE in Computer Science and the founder of Humble Hearts. She is a student of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh). A striving muslimah who does not compromise her family needs for her passion, who believes in only Ethical standards of doing everything, with utmost care and pro-activity. Her goals is to build a family with strong Islamic foundation  believes that  the best Da’wah is by action and interactions. She is inspired by the leadership and trustworthy characteristics of prophet(pbuh), business skills of khadija (r.a) and strong knowledge of Aaisha (r.a) to balance her goals & priorities in ‘Dunya for the Aakhirah’.
FAKEHA NEELOFAR (Reviewer)    She is a  HomeMaker, mother of two, 11 and 7 year old kids. She has more than 10 years of IT experience in Technical Writing. She is Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Diploma in Information Systems Management,  BA in English and  Presently pursuing BA in Islamic Studies from Islamic Online University. Her role in TMN is exclusive to reviewing the articles and making sure  their references are properly stated in their context to keep the article precise to its point and produce an article with an understanding of the references in their context. 
NEDA SHAMS (Deputy Editor)    A graduate of Commerce and a student of the Quran, Sister Neda has been actively involved in the educational field and has been a staff member at the ‘World Assembly of Muslim Youth’ (WAMY), Saudi Arabia. She brings her unique skill set and keen understanding of language and communication to our editorial team.
SAHLA NAYYAR (Social Media Coordinator)    Sahlah is a young Muslimah who aspires to inspire today’s youth with her writing. She loves spending reading about psychology, mental health, and well-being.


  1. We muslim women definitely need a platform like this where we can show our talent spread deen and at the same time we will not have to neglect our family and kids…..I sincerely appreciate and would like to render my support in any possible way

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