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Not Just A Headwrap
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Not Just A Headwrap

It’s not just a Head wrap or a piece resting on an Oppressed brain,
Rather it’s a cloth of Honour in whose glory she basks like a merry child in the rain,

Its purpose is not to hide those adorable locks or strangle a women’s dignity,
Rather it serves as a covering for her soul and protection from the lustful scan of the gazes filthy,

It’s not a flaw or a sign of backwardness but a step taken at the call from the inner voice,
It’s not a cage that shackles her beautiful dreams but is a mindful choice,

It doesn’t suppress her being, her aspirations, or her rights,
Infact it earns her respect, glory and status in the Maker’s sight,

It’s not her weakest link, embarrassing her for veiling the carcass from head to toe,
Her Modesty is a sacred treasure, which she guards from the devil, her very first foe,
She isn’t amongst the fashionistas or the folks exposing their bodies for the heck of attention, being the star of a street show,

It’s not her desire to flaunt those gorgeous curls, mindboggling curves or fantastically tanned skin,
She is a concealed shell deep within the waters, where the priceless pearls reside free of any dirt or sin,

For the cruel world, she is just a mere seductive piece of flesh walking on the heels,
Yet she refutes the given definition and rejects this recognition, confronting she is an Aa’bidaa overtly expressing what she feels,

Why run behind the flocks earnestly joining the rat race, degrading yourself to nothingness?

Why stoop so low? Deep down losing your identity for the greedy Media who is trying to snatch away every bit of your Amazingness?

Why be a lusty delight for forbidden sights, allowing them to use you just for a while?
Why give pleasure to several wolves out there and carry all the burden of transgression alone of that enormous pile?

Why roam half naked, when Al – Sattaar have blessed you with beautiful clothings?
Why meet the doom by walking on this blazing lane? Later realization might go in vain and to seek refuge there might be nothing,

Why are you making your heart a breeding ground for lust, acceptation, acknowledgment, competition and insecurity?
Why do you need it from this extremely selfish AND transient world, towards your benevolent creator don’t you have any sense of responsibility?

Why are you playing with these embers of fire? Why do you want to drown in these fierce waters, slaughtering the holiness existing within with all sincerity?

Oh Muhaajibaa! Where did you lose your innocence? Where is your purity that Allah created you with?
Oh Muhaajibaa! Is you’re A’ql in your knees? For why anyone would destroy ones soul and obey his whims, declining the status Al – Qawi offered you with?

The Sataan enters through one’s eyes and runs in the veins of the sons of Adam,
He is a smarty, expert at alluring the souls towards the deepest pits of Hell fire through perfectly planned schemes or techniques that are absolutely random,

Come back with tears brimming in your eyes, come back with Qalbun Saleem, Come back with ”tawbatun Nasuhaa”
Embrace the veil of Hayaa, admire the cloak of taqwa,
submit yourself in one Sajdaah,

That’s all it takes Oh Muslim Women! Islam isn’t complicated, it’s just the mindsets,
Covering yourself isn’t hard, the fervent niyyah wins, from Al – A’zeez, special aid it gets,

Now that you know, never put that worthy cloth down for anything or anyone, they are all betrayers,
It’s YOUR Hijaab! A crown bestowed upon every Muslimah by her Magnificent Creator,
Through which strengthened is your feeble heart and empowered are your goals, take this path without any surrender,

Know that, realize that! It’s your weapon against the devil, a ni’maa, a rehmaa – ‘A cloth of warmth and joy’,
Wear that scarf across your head with pride and love only for your Rab, anyway you aren’t a society’s toy!
Next time if anyone asks you, let them precisely know why ”It’s NOT just a Head wrap” and HEY! Dare you become hesitant or shy!

– Muslimah Poetess


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  1. jenidoll6119@gmail.com

    whoever has written this….. “BARAK ALLAHU FEEK”
    Just amazing!!! <3 May ALLAH blessss you and keep u steadfast always 🙂
    I am really sorry but i really wanna share this with many sisters….. so please 🙂

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