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Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips

1. Making and storing DoughKeep 3-4 days dough in foil paper, divide and keep in tupperware (any plastic container) & coat it with oil OR Wrap in polythene wrap + sandwich wrap.
Make dough in food processor with a chopping blade
Freeze the dough, take out night before and keep it in the fridge
When making dough coat hands with olive oil

2.Shelling boiled Egg
To shell a hard boiled egg, tap center of the egg- grab egg with two hands and give a twist, the entire shell will come out

3. Removing Sticky labels
Use cooking oil on soft cloth, rub it,  wipe & wash

4.Unsticky Dosas
To make dosas unstick, put some flour on the pan, wipe everywhere & then start cooking

5. Store lettuce for long
Put head of the lettuce face down and hit with a hammer ( caution: underneath put some soft cloth)

6. Clean oven
Put 1 cup of water, heat for a minute and then wipe off

7. Reheat cooked rice
Put some damp paper towel on of the rice & heat, it will be as new as just cooked!

8. Store Karrepatta
Wash the karrepatta in rushing water, spread on plate, keep in fridge for 3-4 days, it will dry, then you can store it outside

9. Remove burnt food
Take some baking soda, sprinkle it on top of the burnt area , add vinegar (pour enough) leave alone for 1-2 hours

10.Store tomatoes
Store tomatoes with stems pointed down

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