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Crushed henna blended with vinegar and applied to the forehead will relieve the headache. Henna in addition soothes the nerves when used as a bandage. Not only henna is favorable to relive headaches but also for the various organs of the body and for the hot tumors and inflammations when used as a bandage. Henna is useful in treating burns. When chewed, henna helps treat cankers and thrush that appear in the mouth. Henna heals stomatitis (inflammation of the mucus membranes of the mouth) that appear in the child’s mouth.

When symptoms of smallpox start to break out on children and henna is then applied on the bottom of their feet, the eyes will be immune from the sores that accompany smallpox.

When flower of the henna is places between wool clothes, it will perfume it and will prevent mould/ mite. Furthermore, when the leaves of henna are submerged in fresh water, then squeezed and drunk for Forty days, twenty measures each day along with ten measures of sugar while eating the meat of a young ewe, it prevent leprosy with its amazing qualities.

Henna, in addition used as an ointment for the fingers, as it polishes and strengthens them. Henna is useful when blended with butter and then used as a bandage for hot tumors that drain yellow residue. Henna also benefits against chronic mange, helps the hair grow, makes it stronger and strengthens the head. Finally, henna helps against the blisters and the pustules that appear on the legs and feet and the rest of the body in general.

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