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Guidance of my Light

Guidance of my Light

A sister shares her story of guidance.

By Striving Soul

Hyderabad, India

Like every other girl, I was born as a blessing to my parents. Beginning my life, starting a whole new journey.

Years passed and my journey as a striving Muslimah began. Through the challenges of life, I realised the purpose of life.

But this realisation wasn’t enough because my soul was still attached to the temporary abode.

My mind wasn’t at peace and my heart wasn’t ever soothing that’s when I tried, I cried and crawled to what was destined to be mine.

Begun my path towards haqq by pleading with my rabb to shower his bountiful Mercy. That’s when I came across this verse which just forced me to ask him for more of this Light.

وَوَجَدَكَ ضَالًّا فَهَدَىٰ

And He found you lost and guided [you],

(Qur’an 93:7)

This light of guidance just shook my world and helped me travel on the path to find solace. I started my journey towards the path of haqq, which will decide my eternal life!

My road to righteousness began, my dream of becoming a better Muslimah flourished and my desire for being His fearful servant just kept going!

Now that I look back and contemplate on what blessings I admire most from all the blessings of my life, I would still choose the “guidance of my light”.



About Striving Soul

The writer is an engineer by profession and a dedicated writer and cook by passion. Striving to please the Creator and share the khayr through her work. She writes under the name Striving Muslimah.

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