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Discover the adhaan, all over again

Discover the adhaan, all over again

The words of our call to prayer are deep in their beauty and meaning.

By Ilham

Bhusawal, Maharashtra


One of the most beautiful and the often-used attribute of Allah is that He is ‘Ar Rahmaan’ – The Most Merciful. An attribute so immensely amazing that the first time Allah ﷻ addressed himself to us in the Qur’an was as Ar Rahmaan. Subsequently, if we were to reflect on the beauty of this particular attribute, then one would not be able to save himself from drowning into the deep ocean of its meaning.

Each day in life is a new chance to discover jewels from this deep ocean and one of those many jewels is the adhaan – the call to prayer. Even if one were to take this rahma of Ar Rahmaan for granted one cannot possibly deny the fact that no other religion on the face of the Earth is as amazing as Islam to remind its followers for prayer five times every single day, only and only so that the one reminded may benefit his or her own soul. Knowing the nature of His creation, Our Creator Allah ﷻ mercifully granted us the gift of adhaan as a pathway to run back to Him during every calamity and out of every distress, a direction to turn to Him in need.

Now, if one were to ponder deeply over the beautiful meaning of each word of the Islamic call to prayer then one would undoubtedly turn into a whole new person.

The very first line is ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Allah is the Greatest, which is the basic declaration of the magnificence of The Inspirer of the same words. Confirming, proclaiming, declaring that nothing, absolutely nothing beneath the earth or above the heavens, can be as great as Allah. And this declaration is proclaimed not just once but six times in each call to prayer so that this beautiful reality sinks in deep, so it takes root into you, to remind you, to humble you.

Right after the greatness of The Greatest has been proclaimed, the other reality is testified through ‘Ashadu an la ilaaha illAllah’- I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah. These too are repeated twice so that the soul realises, accepts and testifies that there is utterly none unto like Him! That He is Al Wahid – The One!

Allah ﷻ now makes the soul testify to the certainty of the existence and the messengership of His beloved Muhammad ﷺ.

Thereby Allah ﷻ calls the slave to benefit himself or herself. He reminds the slave to come to prayer, again not once but twice to come to The One who created him, to thank The One who bestowed upon him, to seek The One who gives, to repent to The One who accepts, to flee to The One who rescues.

The line that follows is the proclamation that in this prayer is true success. But why success? Man’s basic desire, for which he strives every single day of life, is to be successful. The best way to fulfil that desire is also shown to him five times every single day. Then shouldn’t one make efforts to take steps towards this? Would one still run behind the false and deceiving success that this dunya offers? Is the soul really so neglectful?

And once again the one who heads towards true success testifies his or her Creator’s greatness and the oneness of His existence with the concluding lines – ‘Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, laa ilaaha illAllah’. This time being reminded again that truly there is none who could be so merciful as Allah ﷻ to show His slaves the success they desire five times every single day.

Would then one be still heedless to this beautiful proclamation?

Would then one still not ponder over this amazing discovery of ‘The adhaan’ – the call to prayer. The call to success?

About Ilhaam

The writer is a graphic designer and dietitian based in India. She dreams to inspire people in every little way possible and writes under the name Ilham.

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