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Dealing with children

Dealing with children

A 15-year-old gives elders a few parenting tips

By Sahlah Bint Nayyar

Chennai, India


Have you ever seen a child beating his teddy bear for not eating its food?

I have.

It’s quite a sight – a four-year-old beating up his teddy bear, compelling the stuffed toy to finish its meal!

And it got me thinking … what the child was doing was based on innocent imitation.

All the child thought was, not eating food lead to being spanked. He did what his mom did. How do you expect your children to be good, when you are not a good example to them?!

Children are innocent and curious. They are just like a piece of clay. The way you mould it will determine its shape. They need to be given a good upbringing, which takes time. You cannot expect them to be perfect overnight.

The way you treat them is the way they will behave with you. Change your relationship with them and watch them grow from little explorers of today to great leaders of tomorrow. So here are many tips on how to improve your relationship with your children.

  1. Be kind.

Don’t be the monster that scares them into obeying, be the elder that encourages good behaviour. When they make a mistake, correct them with wisdom rather than insulting them, mocking them or even beating them up. Remember, no one is free of error.

  1. Be their motivation.

Every single time they do a good deed, be sure to encourage them. Children love being praised for their hard work!

  1. Let them know you care.

Don’t act as though you what they do makes no difference to you. Your disinterest can leave very deep scars. Raise them with love and affection and spend some of your precious time with them.

  1. Answer their questions.

Children are really curious. Help them using the right sources. Don’t make them feel silly for having asked a question.

  1. Respect them.

Even though they are little, it is a must for us to respect and treat them well. Treat them well and in turn they will respect and love you more.

  1. Teach them.

Help them differentiate between what is right and wrong. Teach them good Islamic morals.

  1. Be a role model.

In most cases, children love doing what their parents do. They love imitating their parents. You must be the good person if you want your child to be one.


And finally, children are a blessing. Be loving and kind, and you will see what a real blessing they are.


About Sahlah Nayyar

Sahlah is a young Muslimah who aspires to inspire today's youth with her writing. She loves spending reading about psychology, mental health, and well-being.

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