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Daughters Of Hawwa Or Destroyers Of The Ummah?
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Daughters Of Hawwa Or Destroyers Of The Ummah?

Oh Daughters of the Ummah, aren’t you up yet?
Can’t you see the filth around? Isn’t your soul numb and your eyes wet?

The Shaytaan’s army has ruined the most precious traits of yours – Modesty and Character,
How can you then sit back and ignore when at the door is the obnoxious attacker?

By pulling your clothes off, he killed your purity,
You did give in to your desires, that was the Devil’s creativity,

Hayaa was the attire for your adornment; taqwaa was your shield,
Hijaab was the purest ornament decreed for you, so the beauty within could enhance and yield,

Yet gleefully you trampled upon it all, leaving your true identity far behind,
Unaware of the Master who one day shall replay your movie after a quick rewind,

Oh Daughters of Hawwaa! The offspring’s of the most beautiful women on the face of earth,
What would you answer your mom when she sees you drowned in shamelessness and dirt?

You destroyed the self-worth with your own hands,
By engaging in the haraam, stooping so low without taking a stand,

Oh daughters of Adam! You weren’t born to be a slave of the Sataan or his tactics,
You are a gift from Al – Wahaab to this Mankind who has the divine strength to give birth to a life without any practice,

A symbol of innocence, an orchard of love with over flowing streams of Rehma,
An enlightening candle that illuminates tearing up the walls of darkness. Indeed an incredible Ni’maa!

You are blessed with that exquisite power to raise imams and scholars,
Be a real inspiration for the Ummah, leave those petty magazines and dollars,

Begin your travel towards ILM, seek it for without knowledge you are nothing,
Oh Muslimah! You will be a mother tomorrow, who needs to know everything,

Get on your toes; you were born with the special Quwaa to change the nations,
but be the change first, leaving behind an awesomest legacy for generations,

your comforting lap is the factory where motivational leaders are nurtured,
You are the first Idaarah where the Ahsanul Akhlaaq are manufactured,

The strongest of shoulders that are capable of bearing any massive load,
With power of du’as and glistening tears, you are an unbreakable fort,

How many favors of your lord will you deny?
Ascend to the level that Allah honored you with; only on him you have to rely,

If a righteous mother, then Jannah lies beneath your feet,
If a pious wife, then you are the world’s bestest possession, upon that the world agreed,

IF three lovely daughters, then gates of paradise could be opened for that luckiest dad,
Being a single sister, you could be a Da’eeyaa calling people to His Deen, that’s not at all bad,

Oh Muslimaah! Why do you settle for less when you have a major role to play?
The Ummah needs you; it’s terribly suffering being deprived of the Mesmerizing ‘makers’, so get back to them today,

It’s time to take that step, time to get back on track,
Grace the grounds with your Muslimaah crown, without looking back,

Let them all yell in happiness and joy without control,
When you be the khadeeja for whom Allah’s salaams were sent – A supportive wife with a firm goal,
Try walking in the shadow of Mohammad’s beloved Ayesha – who completed her faith through obedience and wisdom, be that amazing soul,

Be the daughter like Fathima, so that even you get a kiss on your forehead by your father,
Trace the journey of Aa’siya – the epitome of patience or know the one who lived by ‘laa ilaah illah Allah’, forever legend – Asma Binth Abi Bakr,
Open the books of Islamic history, tread the paths of the Sahaabiyaas! That’s the only way for you to beautifully bloom and prosper.

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  1. Assalaam alaikum

    lovely poem masha Allah but may i ask about this verse ‘if a righteous mother, then Jannah lies at your feet…” If the mother is muslim but not that religious then does that mean the above verse will not apply for her?

    Also, a pious wife should not be regarded as a possession…i feel like the correct term for that should be ‘the world’s greatest blessing’ or ‘best companion’ or something similar to that effect.

    JazakAllah Khairan

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