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Cooked barley & Chard

Cooked barley & Chard

Cooked barley & chard represent one of the best types of foods for the recovering patients and those with weak stomachs. The water of cooked barley is cool and nourishing, along  with its other qualities of soothing, relaxing the bowels and strengthening the body in general, especially when it is with chard.

We should know that when healthy, recovering or sick people have a taste for a type of food or drink, it would not harm him if one consumes little amounts of it. Rather, the food might even help and benefit the body, as the stomach will accept and easily digest the food, more so than when one takes a medicine that it detests. This is why the prophet (sallallaahua alaihi wasallam) allowed suhaib to eat a few dates when he was suffering from conjunctivitis, since it was just a little and would not harm him.In addition, conjunctivitis requires rest and avoiding touching the eye to prevent more harmful substances from accumulating in it.

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