Wednesday, November 2, 2016
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Mumbai Listings

Find halal restaurants, shopping in Bombay

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Islamic International Publishing House

islamic intenrational publishing house

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10 things only a SAHM would understand


By Rihana Basheer Sharjah, UAE What is SAHM, you ask? Let’s see who can guess: She is a daughter/wife/mother. She works 365 days a year with no sick leaves, vacations, lunch breaks and in turn receives the reward which no monetary benefits can give. She is as crazy as they come but never fails to enjoy what she does and ... Read More »

A page from my diary: Inspiration from my mother!

A page from my diary- Inspiration from my mother!

What do you say when you have the most amazing woman in the world as your mum? By Khadijah Sharif Bangalore, India   Khadijah. I’m so proud to have that name. Tonnes of thanks to my grandfather for choosing this amazing name for me. And much more gratitude for the evolution of my name from being khuteejaa (odd desi pronunciation ... Read More »

Why on earth aren’t we making more duas?

Why on earth aren’t you making more duas-

If only we knew the foolishness of not drowning our joys and sorrows in duas. By Zohra Irfan Sharjah, UAE   Here’s a question for you: Did Iblees make dua? When Adam ate from the tree, his clothes were stripped off. Then he, realising that he had made a mistake, immediately called out to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) with one of ... Read More »

Mommy and Ramadan


Fix your priorities to attain the maximum benefit By Zawjah Ali Karachi, Pakistan   As soon as we think of Ramadan, what is the first thing that comes to mind? How will we spend the whole day without a single glass of water in these hot days? *droopy look* Iftar recipes, extensive cleaning, new home décor, Eid apparel (and matching ... Read More »

Physical Ailments (Medicine of the Prophet)

Photo courtesy Flickr David Gallagher

Physical ailments attack and harm the body and alter its normal functions, because of an excess amount of a substance. This type constitutes the majority of diseases and occurs because of overeating or consuming more than what the body needs, that which brings about little benefit or is not digested easily, or due to complex meals. When the son of ... Read More »

Providing proper remedies for ailments of the heart

Photo courtesy Flickr Nicolas Raymond

Providing proper remedies for ailments of the heart (referring to spiritual or emotional ailments) only occurs at the hands of Prophets and Messengers of Allah. The heart becomes well when it acquires the knowledge of its Lord and Creator and in His Names, Attributes, Actions and Commandments. The heart also becomes well when it prefers acquiring Allah’s Pleasure and prefers ... Read More »

Not Just A Headwrap

Photo courtesy Flickr Inayah6

It’s not just a Head wrap or a piece resting on an Oppressed brain, Rather it’s a cloth of Honour in whose glory she basks like a merry child in the rain, Its purpose is not to hide those adorable locks or strangle a women’s dignity, Rather it serves as a covering for her soul and protection from the lustful ... Read More »

Treating Depression and Grief

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There are fourteen types of cures to remove sadness, grief or depression according to the Prophet’s (peace and blessing be upon him) guidance [these consist in various supplications that are taught to us by our Prophet (peace be upon him)] 1. Affirming Allah’s Oneness in His Lordship. 2. Belief in the creed of Tawheed: There is no true God but ... Read More »