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The outstanding benefits of breastfeeding


By Asma Ismaaciil Hargeisa, Somaliland   One of the very first rights that a newborn baby has upon his parents is for the mother to breastfeed him, which is very important for both the physiological and psychological well-being of the newborn. We are living in a world where maintaining a comfortable lifestyle is not always easy and can sometimes require ... Read More »

The biggest test Muslimah mummies face

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 A house that never stays clean and children who have a mind of their own. What can you do to stay calm? By Nourin Ibrahim Abu Dhabi, UAE You have finally finished the dishes and the kitchen looks tidy, but the surprise waiting for you in the living room raises your blood pressure so much that you lose control over ... Read More »

Peer pressure and how to deal with it


If you want to stand out, stand among those who let you. By Neda Shams Dammam, Saudi Arabia The first thing we look for when we enter any school or college or an organisation is a group of people who are acceptable to our liking and ideas. Even children can be found grouping together in such a fashion. We are ... Read More »

Ask your children to help at home and give them the chance to earn your duas

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A timely dua for your child is more valuable than anything else in their lives By Umme Aiyman Abu Dhabi, UAE   On reaching home, a father asks his son, “Dear Ammar, please get me a glass of water and keep my office bag on the table.” ​The mom instructs the daughter, “Dear Fatima, please serve food to dad,” or ... Read More »

Why do we give so much importance to sons-in-law?

Son in law

The subcontinent culture seems to give unnecessary honour to this relationship. By Ismath Khatoon Dubai, UAE During my recent visit to India, I happened to visit a sister at her parent’s house; she had come with her husband. Her husband — with a long beard — appeared to be a knowledgeable and practicing Muslim. But he stayed outside the house ... Read More »

10 ways to make homemaking a stress-free ibadah!

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Overwhelmed with chores at home? Here’s how you can cope. By Nourin Ibrahim Abu Dhabi, UAE The phone is ringing … as I run to attend it, I realise the living room is a mess with toys lying all over. As I start speaking, the call from the potty comes “Mama! I’m done!” The pressure cooker then whistles and wakes ... Read More »

Parenting in the the new world

Parenting in the new world

Being a parent in today’s world brings with it its own set of challenges. Let’s learn how to deal with them in light of divine wisdom.  By Fathima Jehan Dubai, UAE Parenting is an awesome responsibility that Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has enjoined upon us. I have Alhamdullilah given a brief introduction earlier. Let us move a step further as to ... Read More »

Parenting in Changing times

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By Fatima jehan Our children, though it is we who give birth and nurture them life long , they are a gift from Allah which belongs to him alone. When Allah gifts us with them, they are as pure as snow. It is our responsibility to maintain the purity in them and see to it that when they return back to ... Read More »

Good Parenting- Part 1

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By Ayeesha Siddiqa It is the responsibility of every Muslim to build their home, filled with peace and tranquility. Allah (SWT) has directed the message of Islam to both believing men and women. So they should take this message wholeheartedly which will guide them to lead a peaceful and successful life together. The progress of human society is possible by ... Read More »

Mother & Daughter


By Aysha Abrar Women are one of the most beautiful creations of Allah. Allah has created the woman in a way that she is sensitive, emotional, and also mentally strong at the same time. He has instilled love and mercy in her for her family, especially her children. However when her daughter enters the teenage years, the relationship between mother ... Read More »