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Rediscover yourself, in the light of Islam


Giving up is easy. Wake up to the NEW YOU now. By Nourin Ibrahim Abu Dhabi, UAE   Life is too short and the world too fast-paced. In trying to keep up with the demands of the world, we women tend to forget ourselves. But the fact is that we have a big role to play in the upbringing of ... Read More »

My journey with sign 94:5-6


Hold on to the Quran; for with hardship comes ease By Shama F. Jeddah, KSA   She had forgotten herself. The person who took care of everyone so thoughtfully now did not know her routine activities like taking a bath or wearing her clothes! She was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It was deeply painful to see her in that state ... Read More »

Happiness Lessons from the Story of Isra Wal Miraj: Part 3


In the final installment of our series, find out how you can find joy in this oft-read story By Sheima Sumer Sulaymaniyah, Iraq   Types of People in the Hellfire   The Prophet ﷺ said that he also saw many of the punishments of the hellfire. For each group of people, he ﷺ saw in the hellfire, he ﷺ asked ... Read More »

The importance of good friends in Islam


Friends define us, their company can make or break us. Choose them wisely. By Sahlah Bint Nayyar Chennai, India   Ever heard of the saying a rotten apple spoils the barrel? Well, if one bad person can affect others negatively, why can’t one good person bring goodness to the entire crowd?   Believe me, each one of us wishes to ... Read More »

The true qualities of students of knowledge – right intention, right attitude


The true qualities of students of knowledge – right intention, right attitude  Knowledge is that which benefits, not which is only memorised By Abeera Siddiqui Sharjah, UAE I study, even others do. I have been a ‘student of knowledge’ for more than a decade and nearly all of us share somewhat similar journeys. But does it give us a license ... Read More »

The verse that healed me

The verse that healed me1

Some pain is essential to help us grow By Gilla Barre New Delhi, India   I have always been amazed by the words of the Qur’an and mesmerised by its infinite power to heal. Every time I come across a certain ayah, it moves me so much that I’m compelled to pause, reflect and ponder over the divine wisdom and ... Read More »

‘Be Grateful and I shall give you more…’


How many blessing do we ignore due to our insatiable need for more? By Salma Ameen Colombo, Sri Lanka “Mum, you don’t buy me anything,” she shrieked, as she slammed her wardrobe door, causing the uncountable shelves with clothes to vibrate. He scrolled through Instagram, the deceiving posts, the perfect lives and pictures of events displayed all over made him ... Read More »

Good in public, nasty in private … is this who we are?

Surah Mujaadilah

When we treat someone badly in the privacy of our homes, Allah is listening By Zawjah Ali Karachi, Pakistan   “You know what our beloved Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said about rights of wives … ” She raised her eyebrows as now the ball was in his court. She continued: “‘The best among you is the one who is ... Read More »

Why travel alone?

Why travel alone

Why do we insist on working around the lifestyle prescribed in the Qur’an and sunnah? By Umme Aiyman Abu Dhabi, UAE   Once during winter, when the days were short and nights long, we had a study assignment for my degree in nutrition and dietetics. It was to visit a 5 star hotel in a nearby town and write an ... Read More »

Dealing with children

parenting tips

A 15-year-old gives elders a few parenting tips By Sahlah Bint Nayyar Chennai, India   Have you ever seen a child beating his teddy bear for not eating its food? I have. It’s quite a sight – a four-year-old beating up his teddy bear, compelling the stuffed toy to finish its meal! And it got me thinking … what the ... Read More »