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Interview with Aisha Al Hajjar- AMANI Birth

Sister Aisha, to begin with, what is Amani Birth?Amani Birth is a medium to bring together expecting parents and AMANI certified childbirth educators and doulas. What inspired you to create such an educative and benefiting program for the Ummah?As a young mother from the States I felt fortunate to come from a place where childbirth education was the norm. When ... Read More »

‘I don’t want this baby’

Umme Aiyman Mahrashtra, India   ‘Hard to make and easy to break’, goes one of the sayings. It takes months and years to create or produce something, but sometimes minutes or even seconds to destroy it. Similarly, it sometimes takes a lot of time to successfully conceive a baby. Many couples only dream of having their own cute little baby ... Read More »

Breastfeeding Support

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