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Life Skills Workshop By Aysha Abrar

Check out our Founder Sr. Aysha Abrar’s Teen-building workshop on Life Skills Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4     CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE EXERCISE WORKBOOK FOR ENHANCING YOUR LIFE SKILLS! Read More »

Cupping: Through the eyes of media today

Another sign for sleeping souls… By Fakeha Neelofar Sharjah, U.A.E The Olympics are a global news catcher. Every sports fan, young and old, during the Olympic season, is glued to their Television sets, pitching for their favourite sports person and athlete. Rio Olympic 2016 brought a practice in news that has been universally applauded due to the stardom of sports, ... Read More »

Women In Ramadan Workshop

We were at the Indian Academy Dubai to present an exclusive interactive workshop to the ladies and give them pointers on how to spend Ramadan productively. We highlighted the importance of Du’a and how it can possibly  change one’s destiny if done with full tawakkul on Allah. Some of the most pressing questions regarding menstruation and eating healthy were discussed ... Read More »

A day in GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

The Muslimah Network’s first ever girls’ workshop in Dubai helps young Muslimahs reconnect with Islam By Aysha Abrar Sharjah, UAE   Every success in life is by the will of Allah, provided that we work hard in achieving our goals in the right way. Alhamdulillah, we are proud to announce that The Muslimah Network conducted its first students’ workshop at ... Read More »

Innocence ripped away too soon – the horrors of FGM

Female Genital Mutilation is a horrendous act most of us are aware of but choose to ignore By Gilla Barre New Delhi, India Sometimes in life, you never know what to expect. Although you think you are prepared for everything, life throws something unimaginable when you least expect it. I remember it was during one of those gloomy Mondays. I ... Read More »

How should Muslims react to Islamophobia, terrorism and hatred?

islam perspective justice

We are more sectarian than humanitarian. Intolerance is at its peak. The world has to seek a remedy. By Ifrah Shaukat Kasur, Pakistan Wherever you go, it’s difficult to miss the headlines. “Islamic extremism-inspired terrorist attack” It goes on to grab the attention of the entire world. But you know what pains me? At how this entire media exercise is ... Read More »

The lessons we learn from the Mina tragedy

There will always be challenges, but Muslims need to focus on their priorities By The Muslimah Network October 2, 2015 769 people were killed in the Mina Stampede according to the most recent reports at the time this blog was published. Overall, in this years’ Hajj, over 1,100 people have died, which includes the crane collapse in the Haram that led ... Read More »

‘Oldest’ Qur’an manuscript – the hype and the facts

British university claims it has found 1,370 year-old copy of Qur’an, Muslim scholars react with discretion. By Abeera Siddiqui Sharjah, UAE   And what is that in your right hand, O Moses?” He said, “It is my staff; I lean upon it, and I bring down leaves for my sheep and I have therein other uses.” Allah said, “Throw it ... Read More »