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Honouring the Messenger

Discover the adhaan, all over again

The words of our call to prayer are deep in their beauty and meaning. By Ilham Bhusawal, Maharashtra India One of the most beautiful and the often-used attribute of Allah is that He is ‘Ar Rahmaan’ – The Most Merciful. An attribute so immensely amazing that the first time Allah ﷻ addressed himself to us in the Qur’an was as ... Read More »

Worship Him the way He asks you to

Is  Allah and His Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) not enough for us? By Aysha Abrar, Sharjah, UAE   If we worship Allah and follow our messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) in every act we do in our daily lives, if we fear Allah every second of our lives, then do we still need to do extra by celebrating Mawlid ... Read More »

Benefits of using miswak

This divine dental tool will help your health, imaan and aakhirah By Umme Aiyman Abu Dhabi, UAE You must have heard the hadith, “cleanliness is half of faith”(1). But how often do we appreciate this reality and adopt the right habits? Doctors emphasise on frequently cleaning our hands to keep them germ-free and our body disease-free. But how many times ... Read More »

Then and Now – Ramadan meals

How do our iftar and suhoor compare to those of the best generation? By Sanya F. Dubai, UAE Now – 4.29am It’s almost time for Fajr. The minute hand of the clock is slowly edging towards the moment when the muaddhin in the neighbouring mosque will call all to prayer. Meanwhile, someone else is calling, too. Ma shakes her head ... Read More »

Is changing DP for a week Enough to show your protest?

We should not let him (صلى الله عليه وسلم) down for the efforts he took, we should not let him down for the duas he made for us, we should not let him down by ignorance of our religion, we should never let him down on the Day of Judgement. By Rihana Basheer Sharjah, UAE   Some of you must ... Read More »