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Abu Ubaidah said,” Tonsillitis,  is a blood related throat irritation.: It was in addition said that tonsillitis is an ulcer that appears between the ear and the throat that especially afflicts young boys. Administering scrubbed aloes through the nose helps against tonsillitis, which is essentially composed of blood related phlegm that accumulates in the bodies of young boys. Costus or ... Read More »


“Cupping is among your best remedies” The benefits of cupping include cleansing the exterior parts of the body more than puncturing the veins. Cupping entails removing blood from the internal parts of the skin. Using either cupping or puncturing the veins depends on the time of year, the area, the age and state of the ailing person. For instance, cupping ... Read More »


By Shaima Anis Taking care of ourselves and being fit goes a long way in maintaining our health and also contributes to the happiness in our lives and our relationships. As the common saying goes, “health is wealth”; in fact our experiences in life show us that good health is really more precious than having lots of wealth. When one ... Read More »

Camel milk- Dropsy

Camel milk is a mild laxative, diuretic, cleanses and opens that which is closed and removes the obstructions and soothes the body. This is especially when the camels graze on benefical herbs, such as worm wood, lavender, chamomile, daisy and lemon grass. These herbs help against dropsy. The ashes of burnt palm leaves are very effective in stopping bleeding, because ... Read More »

A Happy and Healthy Ramadan

By Salina Mohd Hamdan Recently I met a non-Muslim doctor and she stated her concern about people fasting during the day in the month of Ramadan. My answer was simple, I said about 2 billion Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan globally and yearly, no major health issues were reported. She then kept silent. Allah (subhana wata’aala) said in ... Read More »


Honey has tremendous medicinal value, because it washes away the harmful substances. Honey in addition dissolves excess moisture, is beneficial as a drink ans as an ointment, it is of great value to the elderly, and those suffering from phelgm & cold moods or condition (chills). Honey is nutritious, softens one’s bowel movement and is a good preserving agent . ... Read More »