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Then and Now – Ramadan meals

How do our iftar and suhoor compare to those of the best generation? By Sanya F. Dubai, UAE Now – 4.29am It’s almost time for Fajr. The minute hand of the clock is slowly edging towards the moment when the muaddhin in the neighbouring mosque will call all to prayer. Meanwhile, someone else is calling, too. Ma shakes her head ... Read More »

10 ways to make homemaking a stress-free ibadah!

Overwhelmed with chores at home? Here’s how you can cope. By Nourin Ibrahim Abu Dhabi, UAE The phone is ringing … as I run to attend it, I realise the living room is a mess with toys lying all over. As I start speaking, the call from the potty comes “Mama! I’m done!” The pressure cooker then whistles and wakes ... Read More »

5 simple tips to get healthy now

Go back to basics to live a healthier lifestyle. By Asma Hasan Ismacil Hargeisa, Somaliland It is the dream of every mother to maintain a healthy lifestyle for her family and to create a positive change within her family. In this article we will be discussing 5 simple changes you can make today to start living healthier. We hope you ... Read More »

What are GMOs and Why They are Harmful

Reading and researching about processed food and its harmful effects, I am almost obsessed with reading the labels of anything that comes packaged in the name of food. It was one of those days when I happened to flip a pack of Lays Stax chips at my cousin’s place and I was shocked to see the label clearly mentioning that ... Read More »

Kitchen Tips

1. Making and storing DoughKeep 3-4 days dough in foil paper, divide and keep in tupperware (any plastic container) & coat it with oil OR Wrap in polythene wrap + sandwich wrap. Make dough in food processor with a chopping blade Freeze the dough, take out night before and keep it in the fridge When making dough coat hands with ... Read More »