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The writer is an active community worker and writes on topics focussed on creating sincerity in one's actions. She is the Operations Manager for The Muslimah Network.

10 things only a SAHM would understand

By Rihana Basheer Sharjah, UAE What is SAHM, you ask? Let’s see who can guess: She is a daughter/wife/mother. She works 365 days a year with no sick leaves, vacations, lunch breaks and in turn receives the reward which no monetary benefits can give. She is as crazy as they come but never fails to enjoy what she does and ... Read More »

Is changing DP for a week Enough to show your protest?

We should not let him (صلى الله عليه وسلم) down for the efforts he took, we should not let him down for the duas he made for us, we should not let him down by ignorance of our religion, we should never let him down on the Day of Judgement. By Rihana Basheer Sharjah, UAE   Some of you must ... Read More »