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The writer is a graphic designer and dietitian based in India. She dreams to inspire people in every little way possible and writes under the name Ilham.

Discover the adhaan, all over again

The words of our call to prayer are deep in their beauty and meaning. By Ilham Bhusawal, Maharashtra India One of the most beautiful and the often-used attribute of Allah is that He is ‘Ar Rahmaan’ – The Most Merciful. An attribute so immensely amazing that the first time Allah ﷻ addressed himself to us in the Qur’an was as ... Read More »

A heart that saw …

It isn’t enough to have eyes that see. To understand the essence of Alhamdulillah, we need another kind of sight. By Ilham Bangalore, India  Truly, man is ever most ungrateful to His Lord! This. You might have heard it a trillion times, and hopefully, you might even have predicted that this statement is an ayah of the Glorious book – Qur’an ... Read More »