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The writer is a freelancer and blogger studying Islamic Psychology. She's passionate about writing and helping others overcome their emotional hurdles through Islam. She writes under the name Gilla Barre.

Innocence ripped away too soon – the horrors of FGM

Female Genital Mutilation is a horrendous act most of us are aware of but choose to ignore By Gilla Barre New Delhi, India Sometimes in life, you never know what to expect. Although you think you are prepared for everything, life throws something unimaginable when you least expect it. I remember it was during one of those gloomy Mondays. I ... Read More »

The verse that healed me

Some pain is essential to help us grow By Gilla Barre New Delhi, India   I have always been amazed by the words of the Qur’an and mesmerised by its infinite power to heal. Every time I come across a certain ayah, it moves me so much that I’m compelled to pause, reflect and ponder over the divine wisdom and ... Read More »

Why aren’t my duas being answered?

Are you losing hope that your duas don’t get answered? Guess what … no dua goes unanswered. Here’s what’s happening.   By Gilla Barre New Delhi, India   Dua … my escape, my solace. The only way I feel connected to my Rabb when I’m engulfed with grief. During the darkest moments of my life, I find myself begging Him, ... Read More »

Fail to Succeed – How not to let life get in the way of your dreams

Sometimes our plans are just not good enough. Allah has something better. By Gilla Barre New Delhi, India We all have ambitions and dreams in life. From when we are very young, we begin to lay out some major life plans – the college I want to join, which degree to enroll in, the company I want to work for ... Read More »

Qur’an – The Abandoned Mercy

“Why do people not give Qur’an its due importance these days? Why is the Qur’an left to gather dust on our shelves and abandoned? What has brought this upon our Ummah??” By Gilla Barre New Delhi, India Allah sent down the Qur’an as a mercy to humanity, to serve as a reminder of our purpose here on earth and to ... Read More »