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The writer is a civil engineer and mother of a beautiful princess. Pursuing a higher diploma in Islamic studies, she has a passion for writing and teaching. She loves to travel and explore the beauty of Allah's creation.

Let’s make it an awesome Ramadan

Follow the three Ps: Plan, prepare, practice By Fatima Jehan Dubai, UAE Ramadan is an awesome month in an of itself. But to make it more amazing we need to work on it beforehand. As a student prepares for his exams, every Muslim should get himself well equipped for Ramadan. Ramadan comes from the root word ‘ramada’, which means extreme heat. ... Read More »

Parenting in the the new world

Being a parent in today’s world brings with it its own set of challenges. Let’s learn how to deal with them in light of divine wisdom.  By Fathima Jehan Dubai, UAE Parenting is an awesome responsibility that Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has enjoined upon us. I have Alhamdullilah given a brief introduction earlier. Let us move a step further as to ... Read More »

Parenting in Changing times

By Fatima jehan Our children, though it is we who give birth and nurture them life long , they are a gift from Allah which belongs to him alone. When Allah gifts us with them, they are as pure as snow. It is our responsibility to maintain the purity in them and see to it that when they return back to ... Read More »

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