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Broken wheat uppuma

A source of good complex carbohydrates, tried & tested Read More »

Dalliya ( Broken wheat khichdi)

Compiled, tried & tested by Samina Sultana Read More »

Bitter Gourd chips

Quicky good for health , tried & tested Read More »


Dates in general and dried dates in particular, especially from Medina, possess tremendous qualities and are especially effective in treating from heart ailments. Using seven dates is another quality that can only be known through the revelation. In the sahihain it is narrated that Sa’d bin Abu Waqqas said, “ The Messenger of Allah (sallalaahu alaihi wasallam) , “ Whoever ... Read More »

Cooked barley & Chard

Cooked barley & chard represent one of the best types of foods for the recovering patients and those with weak stomachs. The water of cooked barley is cool and nourishing, along  with its other qualities of soothing, relaxing the bowels and strengthening the body in general, especially when it is with chard. We should know that when healthy, recovering or ... Read More »


Crushed henna blended with vinegar and applied to the forehead will relieve the headache. Henna in addition soothes the nerves when used as a bandage. Not only henna is favorable to relive headaches but also for the various organs of the body and for the hot tumors and inflammations when used as a bandage. Henna is useful in treating burns. ... Read More »

Mutton Shahi Qorma

By Umm Saad ( HH Chef 2014  Participant ) Read More »


Abu Ubaidah said,” Tonsillitis,  is a blood related throat irritation.: It was in addition said that tonsillitis is an ulcer that appears between the ear and the throat that especially afflicts young boys. Administering scrubbed aloes through the nose helps against tonsillitis, which is essentially composed of blood related phlegm that accumulates in the bodies of young boys. Costus or ... Read More »


“Cupping is among your best remedies” The benefits of cupping include cleansing the exterior parts of the body more than puncturing the veins. Cupping entails removing blood from the internal parts of the skin. Using either cupping or puncturing the veins depends on the time of year, the area, the age and state of the ailing person. For instance, cupping ... Read More »


By Shaima Anis Taking care of ourselves and being fit goes a long way in maintaining our health and also contributes to the happiness in our lives and our relationships. As the common saying goes, “health is wealth”; in fact our experiences in life show us that good health is really more precious than having lots of wealth. When one ... Read More »

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