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The Muslimah Network is a platform for Muslim women to come together and find spiritual, intellectual and emotional fulfillment.

Hayaa’ under attack

Shyness in these times is considered a weakness. Why is hayaa’ no longer treasured by us? By Fathima, Ajman, UAE For a girl, I think the most prized possession she owns after Islam is her hayaa, her dignity, and her repute. I’ll say this again and again – if a girl is in the right frame of mind, the most ... Read More »

A day in GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

The Muslimah Network’s first ever girls’ workshop in Dubai helps young Muslimahs reconnect with Islam By Aysha Abrar Sharjah, UAE   Every success in life is by the will of Allah, provided that we work hard in achieving our goals in the right way. Alhamdulillah, we are proud to announce that The Muslimah Network conducted its first students’ workshop at ... Read More »

Rid yourself of jealousy

It is a dangerous disease that will ruin all your good deeds. Here is how you can save yourself. By Salma Ameen Colombo, Sri Lanka   Yusuf (عليه السلام) being so young and innocent followed his brothers, oblivious to their plots. His heart overjoyed at the thought of playing with them. He walked along with them embraced in a blanket ... Read More »

The 6 M’s of Being a Muslimah

This online workshop is for all the young girls and all ladies out there. Buroon Angels in partnership with The Muslimah Network presents The 6M’s of Being a Muslimah. What’s your story? As women we all have a story to tell about how we or the world perceives us. These challenges we go through have a great effect on our confidence ... Read More »

Two heartbeats

How a miscarriage brought me closer to Allah, my spouse and my baby By Umm Mus’ab Bangalore, India I hurried to open the file, my heart beating so fast, I was breathless until I spotted ‘positive’ on the reports sheet and jumped in joy. I was actually going to be a mother! Allah was going to entrust me with a new life. ... Read More »

Pure Matrimony

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Sisters Day Out- Dubai

Meet the team of The Muslimah Network, enjoy tasty dishes made by members and bring your kids to enjoy in the park! Network with other ladies and get to know each other. Enjoy this winter and seal the deal! Happening on December 26th, Saturday between 10am to 4pm UAE. Al Twar Park, Dubai. Map co-ordinates 25.267468, 55.374167 Register below to Attend.   ... Read More »


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The true qualities of students of knowledge – right intention, right attitude

The true qualities of students of knowledge – right intention, right attitude  Knowledge is that which benefits, not which is only memorised By Abeera Siddiqui Sharjah, UAE I study, even others do. I have been a ‘student of knowledge’ for more than a decade and nearly all of us share somewhat similar journeys. But does it give us a license ... Read More »

Mumbai Listings

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