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The Muslimah Network is a platform for Muslim women to come together and find spiritual, intellectual and emotional fulfillment.

Feed The Hungry Project

A Collaborative initiative by The Muslimah Network and Jami’at Ahle Hadees , Chennai Do not waste food Donate your extra food to feed the hungry Do you know that there are many poor families who are in need of food and go to bed hungry when the leftover food at weddings and parties is thrown away into garbage for no ... Read More »

Interview with Aisha Al Hajjar- AMANI Birth

Sister Aisha, to begin with, what is Amani Birth?Amani Birth is a medium to bring together expecting parents and AMANI certified childbirth educators and doulas. What inspired you to create such an educative and benefiting program for the Ummah?As a young mother from the States I felt fortunate to come from a place where childbirth education was the norm. When ... Read More »

Organic Food in UAE

Here are some of the most recommended and safe Organic Markets where we can get fresh milk, eggs and poultry in UAE Organic Stores Location Sharjah jubail market sharjah Deira fish market deira Ajman meat market ajman igruae.com online Mahmoodmilk man 0558851025 dubai Lulu, carrefour, union co-op, spinneys all emirates Organic veg market jumeira lake towers iherb.com online Organic food ... Read More »

Qur’an Classes in UAE

Here you can find a list of Qur’an Learning Centers and Masajids (mosques) that provide Qur’an learning and memorization for children and adults, free to paid courses as well.   Muqit’s Blog- Qur’an Classes and Islamic Learning Centres in UAE A good resource and updated lists on classes in UAE Read More »

Breastfeeding Support

Read More »

Life Skills Workshop By Aysha Abrar

Check out our Founder Sr. Aysha Abrar’s Teen-building workshop on Life Skills Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4     CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE EXERCISE WORKBOOK FOR ENHANCING YOUR LIFE SKILLS! Read More »

Unlocking Our Hearts

By Faaizah MK   The Noble Qur’an, as most of us know, was the final book sent by Allah to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for guiding all of humanity until the Last Day. The Qur’an essentially calls its readers to acknowledge the truth, that there is no God but Allah, and it demonstrates how man should lead his life in accordance ... Read More »

Seeking Dunya

  Our Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) was blessed with concise speech. He would say a single sentence and it had the depth as deep as that of an ocean. One such profound hadith which struck me is the following: “Two hungry wolves let loose among sheep are not more harmful than a person craving after wealth and status is ... Read More »

My journey back to Islam

By Samaa Dubai, UAE Since my childhood, I never believed in multiple gods. Hinduism is based on the ideology of idol worship so I used to ask my parents questions such as: “How can a man-made idol be worshipped by man himself?” or “Which God should be worshipped?” My family used to call me an atheist because I never believed ... Read More »

Women In Ramadan Workshop

We were at the Indian Academy Dubai to present an exclusive interactive workshop to the ladies and give them pointers on how to spend Ramadan productively. We highlighted the importance of Du’a and how it can possibly  change one’s destiny if done with full tawakkul on Allah. Some of the most pressing questions regarding menstruation and eating healthy were discussed ... Read More »

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