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About Us


Creating a safe and enriching space for Muslimahs to:

•Develop themselves personally, professionally and spiritually
•Connect and network with other Muslimahs and support each other
•Be a part of regular local and online events and meet-ups
•Market their small or work from home business and connect to prospective clients
•Get great deals, discounts and offers from local businesses
•Know about latest news & events
•Learn about and get help in selecting the best Islamic schools for their children


•Connect Muslimahs and their initiatives
•Generate members/ volunteers for TMN activities
•Help women work @ home and spread their talent
•Recognize Muslimah effort
•Advertise & market Muslim business & companies
•Improve Halal interaction and hangouts
•Increase awareness of women issues and training
•Provide a single platform for integrating efforts of the Youth, SMB & Islamic schools, in sha Allah


To develop into network of skilled Muslimahs through interaction and education.

•To be an exclusive platform for Muslim ladies to share, interact and experience sisterhood, as well as learn about Islam in a practical way .
•To be a single platform for getting the right information to meet all the Essential Islamic education needs for their children.
•To help increase awareness on effective productivity and allow to develop a community  of sisters that is inline with Shari’ah. [ Hadith on educating a woman].
•To create an online space with website and social media that will be free from intermixing and be a convenient platform for sisters to meet all their needs and get ‘One Stop Shop’ information.
•To help sisters in sharing their initiatives and ideas.


To be a major platform in providing all Muslimah essential needs, educate & grow a noble TMN Community!


  1. Allahumma baarik laha, you young people are productive people, maashaa Allah and alhamdulillah for the budding young women from this Ummah, who are for the Ummah. Jazakallah khair and may Allah bless you all with steadfastness throughout your mission, aameen.

  2. Jazakallah Khairan, it a great site. I pray Allah help you achieve Ur goals

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