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A day in GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

A day in GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

The Muslimah Network’s first ever girls’ workshop in Dubai helps young Muslimahs reconnect with Islam

By Aysha Abrar

Sharjah, UAE


Every success in life is by the will of Allah, provided that we work hard in achieving our goals in the right way.

Alhamdulillah, we are proud to announce that The Muslimah Network conducted its first students’ workshop at GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai and it was an absolutely heartwarming experience.

After a year of running The Muslimah Network and getting to know a lot of women and their issues, I was inspired to upgrade our efforts. I noticed many families were seeking knowledge online but that wasn’t enough. Building a complete, noble character was necessary. Seeing the issues women faced, especially mothers and teenagers, brought me to the point where something had to be done in an interactive, engaging manner. Something more than just a lecture, where the girls could feel safe in asking questions without being judged about their “weird” thoughts.

As today’s world is moving at such a pace that we can’t even seem to catch up to it, sometimes we fail to hold on to the most basic principles of Islam. Technology is everywhere and is overshadowing the knowledge from books. Young minds need to be drawn towards their fitrah (innate nature) a lot earlier. In olden times, it was not any innovative technique but rather the family system that helped them hold on to Islam. Today, families are exposed to all that is available – right or wrong – and they do not direct a child towards the right. Things seem acceptable or unacceptable based on desire. Everything has become a matter of choice. Where do Muslims stand? This question kept lingering in my mind. It was necessary to bring back the younger generation to loving Allah and His Messenger ﷺ.

The young generation takes what they feel comfortable with or claims that “Islam is in the heart”. They haven’t really learned about Who Allah is and who His Messenger is, hence they believe subconsciously what the media teaches them.

So, I was driven by the idea of enabling girls to understand the right goals of a Muslimah. At this stage of transformation, they need to find the right direction to take decisions properly. With this idea in mind, we spoke with various schools across the UAE about opportunities for conducting workshops.

One fine day, a friend happened to message me asking if I would like to speak at her school. Naturally, I was thrilled and we took things forward. Within a few weeks, The Muslimah Network’s team was at the school ready for the event!

On February 2016, Sister Fakeha Neelofar, a member of our review team at The Muslimah Network, and I took turns addressing two batches of students from different classes. Sister Fakeha spoke on adab or good manners for grades five and six, while I gave a talk on “Being a role model” to girls from grades seven and eight. Each workshop was attended by over 200 Muslim girls from the school, alhamdulillah. As Our Own English High School, Al Warqa’a, is the largest girls school in the world, their faculty was very concerned about the character development of girls and wanted someone to come and make them feel comfortable in their deen and allow them to ask questions. Alhamdulillah, the entire workshop was well received by both the students and faculty.

I pray that we are able to conduct many more sessions at GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai as well as other schools. This was a very memorable and pleasant experience, which filled our hearts with joy. We can never forget how the students were eager to have the smallest of their queries answered, Alhamdulillah. Jazakumullahu khairan to the team of GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai and the entire faculty who greeted us with a warm welcome along with the Supervisor, Ms Simmy Antony and the Headmistress, Ms Teresa Varman and Ms Ruby Fuzail who supported us immensely in making this workshop a success.

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