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5 simple tips to get healthy now

5 simple tips to get healthy now

Go back to basics to live a healthier lifestyle.

By Asma Hasan Ismacil

Hargeisa, Somaliland

It is the dream of every mother to maintain a healthy lifestyle for her family and to create a positive change within her family. In this article we will be discussing 5 simple changes you can make today to start living healthier.

We hope you find this article beneficial, insha’Allah and it helps you make improvements in your lifestyle.

So, let’s get started!

Change # 1: Lots and lots of water.

5 ways to get healthy now Change#1

Water is the backbone of life and is necessary for us women to try our best to see how to improve our family life.

Water has countless benefits including:
a) regulating body temperature.
b) helping kidneys function properly.
c) hydrating the skin as it prevents skin dry up.
… and many more.

The European Food Safety Authority recommends that women should drink about 1.6 liters of fluid and men should drink about 2.0 liters of fluid per day, That’s about eight glasses of 200ml each for a woman, and 10 glasses of 200ml each for a man.

Change#2: Kill the sedentary lifestyle.

Sedentary lifestyle is defined as the type of lifestyle where the individual doesn’t receive a good amount of exercise.

It is absolutely necessary for you to do a certain amount of exercise every day as physical inactivity has serious consequences including:

a) risk of certain cancers.
b) causing anxiety or depression.
c) risk of obesity and many more.

An article that was published by Harvard school of public health showed that an adult needs an average 20-25 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise every day.

5 ways to get healthy now Change#2

This includes:
• walking fast
• water aerobics
• riding a bike on level ground or with few hills
• doubles tennis
• basketball

Note that moderate-intensity activities will raise your heart rate and make you breathe faster and feel warmer.

3) Reduce consumption of saturated red meat.

Researchers have correlated saturated red meat with the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases , diabetes as well as certain cancers.
It is recommended that we limit the intake of this meat to once a week because meat is a great source of proteins and other nutrients as well, and to prevent any deficiency in our body we will have replace it with a “white meat”.
Red meat is any meat that is dark-coloured before cooking, such as beef.5 ways to get healthy now Change#3

4) Increase the intake of white meat.

White meat is made up of muscles and fibres and it has a lighter colour than the red meat. This includes poultry products and fish.

5 ways to get healthy now Change#4This can be a healthy replacement to red meat.

The recommended amount for an individual is 2-3 servings per week.

5) Increase intake of micronutrients

Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that are needed by our body in small quantities but these small quantities play a crucial role in our day-to-day activities.

It is absolutely necessary to make sure that you are taking the correct amount in accordance to your body’s needs.

5 ways to get healthy now Change#5

It is especially necessary for a pregnant woman to follow up with a doctor or nutritionist to correct her body’s need of vitamins.

Some foods that are rich in vitamins include fruits and vegetables and their supplementary forms include tablets and syrups.

You can find more details about micronutrients here.

In the end, however, I would say this: you can have all the information in the world, but it is up to you to decide if you want to apply it or not.

Also, please remember that health is one of the greatest blessings that Allah has given us and it is our duty to try our best to stay healthy by protecting ourselves from any harm while being grateful for this blessing at the same time.

About Asma ismacil Hassan

The writer is a newly graduated nutritionist living in Somaliland currently pursuing an Islamic studies degree online.

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