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10 things only a SAHM would understand

10 things only a SAHM would understand

By Rihana Basheer

Sharjah, UAE

What is SAHM, you ask? Let’s see who can guess: She is a daughter/wife/mother. She works 365 days a year with no sick leaves, vacations, lunch breaks and in turn receives the reward which no monetary benefits can give.

She is as crazy as they come but never fails to enjoy what she does and that’s exactly why her family loves her.

Yeah, you guessed it right: STAY AT HOME MUSLIMAH 🙂

If you are one, take a second and be proud of who you are and we tell you, “we are proud of who you are.”

It takes one to know one, and if you’re a SAHM, these are things you would instantly connect with:

  1. A SAHM’s status should be always “Work from Home”, especially on WhatsApp.

Most SAHMs are loaded with work from the moment they wake up. Planning  the menu, figuring out where to start the home cleaning session from, paying the bills, checking on parents, that time where  you totally forget that a chicken is waiting for you on the stove and then you turn into a kitchen ninja … it’s madness all around, but we surely love it.

  1. That special feeling of extra hours of morning sleep.

Sorry new mommies, this is not your cup of tea! And, here’s a reminder to all of us: this doesn’t mean missing fajr, ladies!

  1. The random sprouting of creative business ideas.

You’re full of them! New fashion line, a support group for sisters, a breakthrough app that’ll transform a Muslim woman’s home management … all these awesome ideas wrestle for space in your overloaded brain, especially when you are on that ‘meditation time’ during cooking. Yes, that very time when the milk boiled up to the brim and you reduced the flame right in time. Bravo on that, by the way!

  1. The last minute preparation for the day’s Qur’an class.

The battle between you and tajweed, reciting and repeating verses for every second of your existence until you reach the teacher’s place.

  1. The mind-blowing alone time.

It helps you add new dreams to your already busy list of “awesome things I’ll do one day”. Today, I am going to write my own book and tomorrow I am receiving the best-seller award  …

  1. That feeling of being a queen of your world.

When you have time to relax and attend to your buddies online with chit-chat sessions or gathering knowledge from every way possible way you find. I can hear you say “action without knowledge is useless and knowledge without action is futile.” And you know it better than anyone else 😉

  1. Every day is a party for a Sahm. Especially when your friend drops in. No need to wait for weekends to party, you go girl!
  1. “So you just stay at home? What do you do all day?”

You’ve been asked this question a million times and you always have an answer with a smile.

“Masters? Don’t you want to earn and prove yourself? Why would you waste your education?”

Your life is your answer to this question and so many more. It isn’t necessary to go outside to live your dreams. And don’t forget to invite them for that fundraiser you organised next week 😉

  1. That moment when your passion meets with an online job/Business.

Yippee! I am now a SAHM entrepreneur.

  1. The happiness you get every second of being a SAHM because that’s your choice and you are proud of it.

We give so much respect to sisters who work outside. Sometimes it is by their choice and sometimes out of necessity. Being a woman is not easy and we should just make an effort to never judge others. We aren’t in their shoes and we should be happy enough that our own fit just right.


About Rihana Basheer

The writer is an active community worker and writes on topics focussed on creating sincerity in one’s actions. She is the Operations Manager for The Muslimah Network.

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  1. As salamualikum Sis. Rihana, this article is truly what I needed to read this morning! I love all of your points, especially number 8. 🙂 I feel blessed to be able to stay at home and work on my dreams from the comfort of home. I am thankful that Islam gives women this right and opportunity, Alhamdulillah.

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